Hello!! Let me start by saying I am very excited to have you here. I am going to be sharing about myself and the platform BlackXcellence Network.

I will start off by introducing myself for the benefit of those that don’t know me, my name is Dami Adebayo and I am a Business Analyst. When I am not analysing businesses then I am probably writing a book, yes I am also an author. I have published 3 Christian fictional stories, if you’d like to check them out then click here. If I am not writing, then I am strategizing ways to improve something or ways to innovate new things which is how BlackXcellence Network was founded.

I studied Business Information Technology and graduated from Coventry University and I also have a a masters in Strategic Business Management from the University of Law Business School. I am very passionate about fairness, equality and seeing everyone win. I believe in community and that’s why I believe in building a strong community together.

So what is BlackXcellence Network about…
It’s a networking hub for millennials in the UK, our aim is to empower & inspire black millennials by providing a platform that equips you for the real world professionally and personally. We aim to achieve this by providing you with the right information and practical tips on a number of industry related issues through our organised events, our social pages and through our blog. Different topics will be addressed based on what people demand the most.
We had our debut ‘Smashing the Glass Ceiling’ event in September 2019, this was a very successful event with very good feedbacks. We discussed a variety of topics which were all treated by experts in each field.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss a number of interesting topics so if you have an industry related topic you’d like to talk about and be a contributor, please do not hesitate to let us know via our contact page. If there are any topics you’d also like us to discuss on here, please do reach out and let us know. We will be more than happy to post an article on it.

I really hope you enjoy this journey with us, don’t forget to navigate round the website and get any useful resources you might need and most importantly dont forget to sign up to our newsletter so you hear about our new posts first.

Till next time.

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