Negotiating a Higher Salary

By Cassie Oguntade

We all know salary negotiation is an important step when interviewing for a new job or when a raise in salary is due to increased responsibilities, this an opportunity to get paid what you are worth (or get closer to that figure).

So why do we find it difficult to hold that conversation? We will get right into it below….

There are several reasons why people don’t negotiate salary or ask for a salary increase, but two main reasons stand out: 

  1. Feeling uncomfortable in the negotiation process and 
  2. Not wanting to come across as forceful.

The fear about asking for more money is hardly irrational or illogical. You worry that if you request for a high amount it could price you out of the job or if your manager agrees to the higher figure you’ve proposed, you are worried that this could generate unrealistically high expectations about your performance.

It’s not easy to ask for more money when you have only incomplete information. When you request a starting salary, you are unlikely to know what others are being paid for the same work, and you don’t know what the company is willing pay you.  Also, working out the salary increase in line with your role or even the minimum pay you would be willing to accept – can be a complicated calculation to work out.

Discomfort is natural, especially if you’re nervous about the position, but it’s typically a by-product of lack of exposure to an experience. If you’ve never negotiated your salary before, haven’t had education or practice on how to do it and haven’t witnessed anyone doing it, you’re bound to be uncomfortable trying it for the first time.

If you’re professional, it’s in your best interest to start negotiating for your initial salary or if you are looking for a raise, to do that as soon as possible. 

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The more you negotiate, the better you will get, no matter where you start the process. We are securing the bag this year and beyond!!!


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