A Network of Young Black Professionals and University Students

Your Success Is Our Purpose

About Us

BlackXcellence Network was birthed as a result of the passion to see everyone succeed and help the millenials in our community jump hurdles. We recognise that we are all work in progress and because there is strength in community coming together, we are here to provide a platform where we can help and provide information for ourselves.

“Young, Black and getting it.”

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Aim

The aim of the network is to promote an environment where the black community is well represented, well included and well celebrated. 

We are empowering & inspiring young black professionals and university students with a range of diverse resources and the availability of the right information.

BlackXcellence Network has identified the gap in the market for the young black community in the Midlands and North of England and as such we are here to provide a stronger community for us in these areas bringing support that is available on excelling and resolving issues. 


Upcoming Events

30 APR 20

Covid-19-Mortgage updates- What does it mean to you